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  • Hydration for the Elderly

    Simple Ideas For Preventing Dehydration In The Elderly 

    Considered a growing concern, dehydration in elderly individuals can be a serious problem that is sometimes easily overlooked. Preventing dehydration can help to ensure that the elderly stay healthy, strong and active. Here are a few simple tips and ideas for greatly reducing the likelihood that dehydration will occur in the elderly. Follow these tips and keep your elderly loved ones healthy and happy over the long term.


    Navigating Around Their Living Space 

    One of the easiest and most logical ways to ensure that dehydration does not occur is to simply make liquids and drinks available in a convenient way. Having easy access to a wide variety of beverages including especially water, the elderly are less likely to become dehydrated. This is important for elderly patients that have a difficult time navigating around their living space. In addition, maintaining a wide variety of liquids and beverages around the home can also greatly increase the chances that the elderly will stay properly hydrated over the long term.


    Staying Organized And Disciplined

    Another great idea for helping the elderly maintain proper levels of hydration is to have in place an organized method of keeping track of how much liquid is being consumed each day. Staying organized and disciplined and keeping a written record of how much liquid is being consumed can go a long way in helping the elderly to stay properly hydrated. It is equally important to avoid substances that are considered diuretics. For example, caffeinated soda, tea and coffee can all actually work to reduce levels of hydration. Far better choices include water, fruit juices and similar types of beverages.


    Keeping The Elderly Hydrated

    Finally, it is always a good idea to attempt to meet each day’s fluid and beverage requirements during earlier times of the day. This greatly reduces the likelihood of their being an incontinence accident later in the day or in the evening hours. This serves to help build confidence in the elderly in knowing that drinking an adequate amount of liquid will not have any negative consequences or side effects. At the end of the day, it really comes down to keeping the elderly hydrated at all times to ensure long-term health. Follow these simple tips, ideas and suggestions in order to keep the elderly hydrated throughout the day. Contact Groves Assisted Living for Tucson assisted living at its very best.

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