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  • Dementia and Your Loved Ones

    Basic Ways Of Dealing With Dementia In Loved Ones

    There is a general consensus that dementia is increasing around the country and across the world. While there are many theories and much scientific research devoted to why this is the case, there are a few things that loved ones can do to help family members with elderly dementia. For example, early stages of dementia often mean that loved ones can still manage their daily activities and handle social settings in a relatively normal way. It is also important to note that dementia progresses in a very unpredictable way.


    Participation In Daily Activities

    One thing that family-members can do to help the elderly that are experiencing early stage dementia is to keep daily activities and tasks relatively simple and short. With that said, it is always good to encourage participation in daily activities as a way to maintain a level of normalcy. Another important concern with regard to dealing with elderly dementia is that cooking and eating can become a greater challenge. Dementia patients are simply not able to care for themselves as they once did.


    Navigate The Kitchen

    One good tip with regard to dealing with elderly loved ones that are experiencing dementia is to simply reduce access to kitchen utensils, appliances and other items throughout the kitchen that could be dangerous or harmful. In addition, making healthy and nutritious snacks widely available and easily accessible is a great option. Another well accepted strategy to help elderly dementia patients better navigate the kitchen area is to simply place pictures of common objects on drawers and cabinets. This makes finding items throughout the day far easier.


    Cope With Life’s Daily Challenges

    When considering meal selection and meal preparation for elderly dementia patients it is beneficial to discuss all aspects of food choice and preparation with those in this situation. This is good for both the elderly dementia patient and also loved ones that are dealing with dementia. It really comes down to simply trying to maintain a level of normalcy for all involved. These simple tips along with loving care and genuine concern over the long term can go far in helping elderly dementia patients better cope with life’s daily challenges. Contact Groves Assisted Living today to learn more about help and assistance with elderly dementia patients in Tucson.

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