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    Ways Of Preventing Falls In The Elderly

    Falls can prove quite disastrous for the elderly and that is why it is so important to take precautions and find ways to prevent falls. Keeping the elderly safe and healthy often requires understanding a few basic strategies for keeping everyone concerned safe at all times. When an elderly person experiences a fall it can result in severe back pain, broken bones and even something as serious as a hip fracture. One simple strategy for reducing falls is to have regular vision checks performed for the elderly.


    Preventing Falls

    This helps to ensure that the elderly can see better and navigate stairs and steps and other objects around the house as a way to prevent falls. Making sure prescriptions are up to date and having these routine vision checks can go a long way in greatly reducing the frequency of falls in the elderly. Another important consideration with regard to preventing falls is to simply ensure that a proper diet is maintained. When the elderly are overweight this can affect balance, stability and other factors that can contribute to a fall.


    Unexpected Falls

    Staying active is another important concern when trying to reduce the likelihood of falls in the elderly. Regular routine exercise and daily walking regimens can greatly reduce the chance of an unexpected fall. Another great strategy is to also incorporate the use of assistive devices. Braces, canes and walkers as well as other readily available devices can prevent falling over the long term. One more great idea is to provide the elderly with quality shoes that have rubber-gripping souls.


    Happy And Healthy

    Finally, it is essential that those caring for the elderly simply be more aware of the daily activities of the elderly and their surroundings. Move furniture in order to prevent falls and monitor the elderly for any behavior or activities that could ultimately lead to a fall. The key to reducing falling is prevention, and one of the best ways to stay proactive when it comes to prevention is to simply be involved in the daily life and activity of your elderly loved one. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that preventing falls can go a long way in keeping elderly people safe, happy and healthy. Contact Groves Assisted Living today for Tucson assisted-living that makes a difference.

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