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  • Lonliness and the Elderly

    Effective Ways Of Reducing Loneliness In The Elderly

    Loneliness has become a major concern for people of all ages but especially the elderly. As such, there are a few simple and logical ways to greatly reduce the chances that elderly people will experience various levels of loneliness in their life. For example, those with elderly loved ones can find a wide variety of senior activities and senior centers in their local area as a way to help engage elderly family members in a wide variety of social events and activities.


    Physical Visit With One-On-One Contact

    In addition, getting into a routine of visiting elderly loved ones on a regular routine can go a long way in reducing loneliness. While calls are a great way to stay connected with elderly loved ones, nothing can replace an actual physical visit with one-on-one contact. Getting in the habit of making regular and routine visits can greatly eliminate loneliness in the life of an elderly loved one. It is also a great idea to try to take elderly loved ones on occasional outings to the theater, art exhibits or other stimulating and engaging events.


    Relatively Inexpensive Way To Share Pictures

    One more great strategy for reducing loneliness is to engage elderly loved ones in some form of modern technology. For example, teaching an elderly person how to use a basic Internet connection and computer as well as email can go a long way in keeping those you care about the most engaged and connected. This is a smart and relatively inexpensive way to share pictures, share ideas and share all of life pleasures. Some people also choose to hire geriatric care managers that can check up on elderly loved ones from time to time.


    Fun Ideas That Reduce Loneliness Include Playing Games

    This is another great strategy that can work for some people. However, each individual is different and as such there are a variety of ways to make the best of the later years in a loved one’s life. Additional fun ideas that reduce loneliness include playing games with elderly parents or family members. Staying active, engaged and challenged is the key to long-term happiness for the elderly. Follow these simple and effective ways of reducing loneliness for the elderly and enjoy a better quality of life for all involved. Contact Groves Assisted Living today for quality Tucson assisted-living care and advice.

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