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  • Choosing An Adult Care Facility for Your Loved One

    Questions To Ask With Regard To Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

    With careful evaluation and consideration many family members ultimately decide upon assisted living for the preferred option with regard to caring for loved ones. It is an important and life-changing decision that should be made very carefully and that should involve the elderly family member that will be transitioning into an assisted living environment. With that said, there are a few important questions that should be asked with regard to choosing an assisted living facility.


    Liberal Visitation Opportunities For Residents

    For example, family members should determine whether or not the appearance of a facility is acceptable. In addition, are staff welcoming, warm and friendly? Does the staff portray a professional image? Are residents able to fully socialize with each other on a daily basis? Does the facility offer liberal visitation opportunities for family members? These basic questions with regard to an actual assisted care environment must be adequately answered before a decision is made.


    Is The Temperature Of The Facility Constant And Comfortable?

    Also of concern are the actual physical features of an assisted care facility. Are the facility’s common areas and floor plan easy to follow and appealing to those that may have mobility issues? Does a facility offer generous amounts of handrails throughout hallways and bathrooms? Is the facility clean and well manicured? Does the facility have floors that are comprised of nonskid material and is the temperature of the facility constant and comfortable? Equally important is asking whether or not medications are self-administered. Other questions include, how are medications stored? What are the facility’s emergency medical procedures?


    Transitioning A Loved One In An Assisted Care Facility

    Service related questions include everything from whether or not around-the-clock assistance is provided. Are daily living activities and tasks such as personal hygiene and bathing included? Is housekeeping service routinely provided? These are just a few more basic and important questions that should be asked when choosing an assisted care facility. Family members should take the time to carefully consider all options with regard to transitioning a loved one to an assisted care environment. With a little bit of planning and some detailed decision-making the care of an elderly loved one can be best determined. Contact Groves Assisted Living today to learn more about Tucson assisted care.

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