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  • Home Safety for the Elderly

    Home Safety Tips For Elderly Family Members

    While many elderly parents can gain substantially in terms of safety and emotional health by transitioning into an assisted living community, many continue to live at home for a period of time prior to making the transition. With that said, there are a few home safety tips for elderly family members that are well worth considering. For example, stairs can be a challenge for the elderly with limited mobility. Family members should ensure that stairways are well lit and that handrails are secure and steady.


    Accidents Occur In Bathrooms

    With regard to stairs it is also important to remove any rugs or obstacles near stairs to ensure an easy movement throughout the area. Another important aspect of making a home safe for elderly family members is to ensure that bathrooms have nonskid mats in the shower stall or bathtub. It is statistically a fact that more accidents occur in bathrooms than any other area of a home. In addition, the temperature of the hot water heater should be at a reasonable setting not to exceed 120°. This can prevent scalding and burning.


    Call Alert Device

    With regard to the bathroom it is also essential to ensure that handrails are installed so the elderly can easily transition in and out of the bathtub. This is also important in helping to prevent falls. Another key aspect of making a home safe for elderly parents is to provide elderly loved ones with a cell phone or some type of call alert device. It should be emphasized to the elderly that they must keep this device with them at all times. That way if an accident occurs they can call for help.


    Diminished Eyesight

    Finally, because falling is one of the most frequent accidents that senior family members experience it is essential to make a home as safe as possible as a way to avoid falls. With diminished eyesight and coordination and balance issues, the elderly are often disorientated and unsteady when walking. Remove all obstacles including throw rugs and loose carpeting as these can all present hazards with regard to tripping and falling. Electrical cords and wires should be secured and moved out of areas where the elderly typically walk. Following these simple home safety tips for elderly family members can greatly improve their overall safety and wellbeing. Contact Groves Assisted Living today for Tucson assisted-living and elder care.


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