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  • The Time For Assisted Living

    Tips On Determining Whether Or Not It Is Time For Assisted Living

    As with everything in life, it is sometimes difficult to step outside a comfort zone and make a change. With that said, choosing to transition an elderly parent into assisted living can be a challenging task. However, it is perhaps one of the most important decisions that family members can make for an elderly family member. This is especially true when their health and emotional wellbeing is beginning to fail.


    Allow Unpaid Bills To Pile Up

    One clear sign that it may be time to transition an elderly parent into assisted living is if they have become isolated and have abandoned all social contacts. When this happens it clearly may indicate that other alternatives may be better. Another indication that it may be time for parents to transition into an assisted living environment is if they begin stacking papers and allow unpaid bills to pile up. This is clearly an unhealthy situation and may require some type of intervention. If an elderly parent has difficulty driving or cannot drive at all this may also indicate that assisted living could serve their needs far better.


    Unexpected Emergencies

    It is also critical to ask if an elderly parent would be able to contact emergency services if something were to happen. If this would be a challenge for an elderly person an assisted living could clearly help in many ways. Another important consideration with regard to unexpected emergencies is whether or not a home is equipped with some type of emergency response system. If a home is lacking in this regard this is yet another clue that assisted living could help an elderly parent.


    Falling May Be Occurring

    Equally important is to determine whether or not an aging parent is correctly administering their own medications at the right intervals and in the right dosages. If this has become a challenge than an assisted living environment could prove to be far safer. Other clear signs that assisted living is a better option is if an elderly parent is falling or has bruises that indicate falling may be occurring. Finally, if an elderly parent is not maintaining proper personal hygiene then assisted living could help in many ways. These signs along with other common signs should be noted and taken seriously to ensure the maximum safety for elderly parents. Contact Groves Assisted Living for Tucson eldercare today.

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