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  • Transitions and Adjustments for Your Loved One

    Helping A Family Member Transition Into Assisted Living

    Moving into an assisted living environment can be a challenging transition for the elderly as well as family members. Once it is has been determined that an assisted living environment is the best option for those that can no longer care for themselves it is then a matter of helping family members become familiar with their new environment as well as other residents. While this can be an intimidating idea at first, it is often easier than most might imagine.


    Keeping An Open Mind Is One Of The Most Important Aspects

    In most instances experts would agree that the adjustment takes anywhere from 30 to 90 days. This is a critical time when aging family members should take advantage of all that is offered in terms of helping them to adjust smoothly. For example, keeping an open mind is one of the most important aspects of making the transition into an assisted living environment. This is a big adjustment and a big change for seniors that have lived independently for their entire life. Preparation and planning is the key to gaining the most out of the early transition when moving into assisted living.


    Meeting New Friends And Making Acquaintances

    An equally important aspect of making the transition in dealing with the adjustment of moving into assisted living is the socialization aspect of the experience. It is important for those transitioned into assisted living to avoid becoming antisocial. Meeting new friends and making acquaintances can make all the difference when moving into a new environment. This is where the transition occurs from assisted living to a more homelike environment.


    Always Standing By And Ready To Assist

    Finally, those new to assisted living should feel comfortable asking questions of staff with regard to almost anything that relates to their new environment. This open and transparent approach to assisted living makes the elderly feel more relaxed and more confident. Staff members are always standing by and ready to assist those who are new to assisted living. Friendly, conscientious and caring individuals with experience in caring for the elderly offer a helping hand to those that are still becoming established in an assisted living community. Contact Groves Assisted Living today to learn more about Tucson eldercare and assisted living services that are impressive and affordable.


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