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  • Sensible Strategies For Helping Those With Dementia

    Dementia and other types of memory loss conditions are becoming more common today and that is why it is so important to understand some sensible strategies that can help those with dementia. Caregivers can help to ease the burden of dealing with dementia. As the role of loved ones change over time there are new challenges to consider. Allowing those with dementia to maintain their dignity and some level of independence is an important aspect of providing the best care possible.

    Late Stage Dementia

    One way to better assist those with dementia is to always try to approach or walk up to an individual with the condition from the front. Approaching in clear view from the front as opposed to approaching from the back can greatly reduce the possibility for anxiety in a dementia patient. This is especially true with regard to late stage dementia. Another important aspect of approaching someone with dementia is to move slowly and avoid abrupt movements. This enables a loved one to know in advance that someone is coming near.

    Get Their Attention

    Another sensible strategy for helping loved ones with dementia is to always stand by their side in a more supportive way. This is far better than standing directly in front of someone with dementia causing a feeling that someone is being confrontational. Equally important is to always try and refer to a dementia patient by their name. This helps to get their attention because even a dementia patient will typically remember their own name. While these strategies seem simple and very basic they can indeed help a dementia patient tremendously.

    Offer A Hug Or A Touch

    Finally, when communicating or interacting with a loved one that has dementia that is sitting down on a chair or couch it is always a good idea to crouch or squat down to be on the same level. This reduces the possibility of creating a threatening situation. In addition, it is always a good idea to offer a hand of assistance as a gesture of good intention. Offering this initial gesture allows a dementia patient to determine whether or not they would like to offer a hug or a touch. It is often these simple yet important strategies that can make a big difference in the life of a loved one with dementia. Contact Groves Assisted Living today for Tucson dementia care and assisted living services.

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