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  • Tips For Moving An Elderly Loved One Into Assisted Living

    Assisted living plays an important role in helping loved ones deal with elderly family members that can no longer care for themselves. As such, it is important to know in advance what to expect and how to handle moving an elderly family member into an assisted living facility. Most importantly, those helping with the move should understand that it can be challenging and that it will ultimately result in better living conditions for all involved.

    Communicating And Talking About All Options

    One of the first steps in moving an elderly family member into an assisted living community is to communicate and offer choices. Making the transition smoother and more palatable simply means communicating and talking about all options. This allows elderly family members to better handle the apprehension and sadness sometimes associated with making a move of this type. In many ways, seniors feel as though they may be losing control when they ultimately make a move. Offering as much choice as possible and involving elderly loved ones in the decision-making process is important.

    The More Family Members Are Involved The Easier

    Another important aspect of moving an elderly loved one into an assisted living community is to plan effectively. For example, knowing the type of rooms that will be available and whether or not they are furnished can go a long way in making the move easier and more relaxed. Equally important is to ask for help from relatives when possible. The more family members that are involved the easier it will generally be to make this type of move. Surrounding elderly loved ones with family members can help with emotional stress and can be very supportive.

    Easy Transition For Both Elderly Loved Ones And Caregivers

    Finally, sorting and organizing memorabilia, family items and personal belongings are an equally important aspect of making a move into assisted living. From estate sales to donating items to selling pieces individually, there are a lot of organizational considerations that go into moving someone into assisted living. As an added note it is also important to consider the requirements for selling a home once an elderly parent has moved into assisted living. All these considerations must be taken into account to ensure a smooth and easy transition for both elderly loved ones and caregivers. Contact Groves Assisted Living today for Tucson eldercare and assisted living services.

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