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  • Caregiver Safety Strategies That Ensure The Best Care

    Caregivers have many challenges when it comes to caring for an elderly loved one. With that said, there are some basic caregiver safety strategies that can greatly enhance the overall level of care that is provided. For example, fire safety is a major concern that should be considered by all caregivers that are caring for an elderly loved one.

    Smoke Alarms

    Fire safety entails making certain that the room where a loved one will reside has a clear and well-defined path to an exit in the event of a fire emergency. Equally important is to ensure that every room in the home has an active and working smoke alarm. Checking the batteries frequently in smoke alarms will guarantee that these important devices will work when necessary. Fires occur each and every day across the country that cause injury and loss of life. Caregivers can always play it safe by keeping all fire safety warning devices in good working order.

    Chimes Or Other Similar Devices On Doors

    Another major concern for caregivers is the issue of wandering. Elderly loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s may experience wandering events at various stages of memory loss. One easy strategy for dealing with wandering is to simply install chimes or other similar devices on doors. These simple and inexpensive devices will alert the caregiver to the possibility of a loved one wondering. This is especially useful late at night when everyone is asleep. Wandering is a serious concern and can result in injury or loss of life to an elderly loved one.

    Caregivers Are Often Required To Dispense Medications

    Being aware of the potential for wandering and taking the necessary precautions can greatly reduce the chances of a loved one becoming injured. Caregivers can assist the elderly by ensuring that bathrooms and kitchens are configured to make it easy for the elderly to navigate a living space. From grab bars to nonslip mats and a host of other essential devices intended to help the elderly navigate a home easier, caregivers should ensure that these items are adequately and properly installed. As an added note, caregivers are often required to dispense medications. Caregivers should make certain that they are knowledgeable of dosages, the types of medication being dispensed and the correct frequency. Contact Groves Assisted Living today for experienced Tucson assisted living services.

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