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  • Effective Ways Of Preventing Slip And Fall Accidents In The Elderly

    It is a proven fact that elderly individuals are generally more susceptible to slip and fall accidents as compared to those in other age groups. With that said, it is worth considering a few effective ways of preventing slip and fall accidents with regard to the elderly. This is an important concern because a slip and fall accident can be far more devastating for an elderly person as compared to somebody in there earlier years.

    Missing Or Defective Handrails Should Be Replaced

    Here are a few effective ways of preventing slip and fall accidents. For example, stairways should always have adequate handrails on both sides for the full duration of a stairway’s elevation. Loose, missing or defective handrails should be replaced or repaired immediately. Equally important with regard to stairways is making certain that each step has a safety tread. These are easy and affordable to install and can greatly reduce the chances of a slip and fall accident.

    Nonskid Mats Or Safety Treads

    Another excellent way of eliminating slip and fall hazards is to simply discard throw rugs or ensure that they are firmly secured to the floor. Clutter, furniture, wires and other items that could easily cause a slip and fall accident should be secured or discarded. The bathroom is another area where slip and fall accidents are common. Prevent accidents in this part of the home by ensuring that bathtubs have nonskid mats or safety treads. Showers, pools and other areas where water is present should also be secured in this way.

    Nonskid Rugs Are Also An Excellent Option For Bathroom Floors

    Finally, installing grab bars in key locations can also reduce the chances of a potential accident. This includes installing grab bars on each side of the bathtub and toilet. Seniors will be far less likely to experience a slip and fall accident when they have easy access to grab bars when they are needed the most. As an added note, using nonskid pads under rugs and in areas where there are bare floors is also advisable. Nonskid rugs are also an excellent option for bathroom floors. Consider these effective ways of preventing slip and fall accidents with regard to the elderly to greatly reduce the likelihood of a potential accident. Contact Groves Assisted Living today to learn more about friendly and experienced Tucson assisted-living care.

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