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  • Skin Care Tips For The Elderly

    Providing the very best for the elderly and those that are living in an assisted living facility often means looking at all aspects of health. This includes taking into account what is necessary to ensure the best in skin care. For example, one of the easiest ways to encourage better skin care for seniors is to make certain that the right foods are eaten on a daily basis. This includes a wide range of green vegetables, fresh fruits and melons as well as an abundance of fresh clean water.

    Keeping The Skin And Overall Health At Peak Levels

    As a matter of fact, there are many studies that have indicated that drinking ample amounts of water can greatly increase skin elasticity and overall skin appearance. Staying hydrated is perhaps one of the most important aspects of keeping the skin and overall health at peak levels. Water is also important because it helps to flush the body of toxins that can also result in long-term skin problems. An interesting fact is that the skin is indeed the largest organ in the body.

    Discourage Cigarette Smoking At Any Age

    Another great way to help the elderly maintain excellent skin condition is to consider the use of a humidifier. Older individuals tend to have skin that becomes excessively dry. The wintertime can be especially problematic in this regard. By using a humidifier, the elderly can avoid these problems and enjoy moist air year-round. Equally important is to discourage cigarette smoking at any age. Cigarette smoking can have a direct impact on skin quality. Because of the many toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke it is highly recommended that the elderly avoid cigarette smoking at all costs.

    Wide Brimmed Hat And Long Sleeved Clothing

    Another excellent way of helping the elderly to maintain excellent skin condition is to always use sun protection. When taking long walks at midday it is best to wear SPF sun protection. In addition to protection such as SPF lotion it is also recommended to wear a wide brimmed hat and long sleeved clothing. This combined with wearing UV protection sunglasses can help to prevent skin damage and wrinkles around the eyes. As an added note it is also a good idea for the elderly to avoid harsh soaps and to make use of quality skin creams. Contact Groves Assisted Living for Tucson elder care today.

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