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  • How To Travel Safely With Alzheimer’s Or Dementia Patients

    Caring for the elderly requires a considerable amount of focus, commitment and dedication. These traits are even more important when caring for an elderly loved one who has some level of Alzheimer’s or dementia. In addition, traveling with elderly loved ones that have Alzheimer’s or dementia can be even more demanding and that is why it is important to consider a few travel safety tips.

    Slow Relaxed Movements And Quite Relaxing Environments

    For example, when traveling with elderly loved ones that have dementia or Alzheimer’s it is important to avoid loud or crowded restaurants or public places. It is best not to move quickly or seem in a rush when caring for the elderly that have some level of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Slow relaxed movements and quite relaxing environments are often the best and most suitable conditions for an elderly loved one with this type of disease. Not adhering to these principles can result in elderly loved one becoming agitated or anxious.

    Know What To Expect

    If this does indeed happen it is best to remove an elderly senior from the environment that is causing any level of anxiety. Sitting with an elderly loved one that has Alzheimer’s or dementia in a quiet relaxed setting and talking in a quiet and relaxed tone can work wonders in calming them down. It is equally important to always stick with some sort of routine while traveling with the elderly. When Alzheimer’s or dementia patients know what to expect and are familiar with a routine the entire experience will be far less stressful.

    Bringing Familiar Objects From Home

    Maintaining bedtime, mealtime and medication related schedules as close as possible to the routine that they are used to at home can work wonders. Any type of disruption to a regular routine can quickly turn into anxiety, depression or agitation. Play it safe and strive to maintain a routine as close as possible to that that is most familiar at home. Finally, bringing familiar objects from home can lessen the confusion and ease the anxiety of being in a new or unfamiliar environment. Caring for the elderly and especially those that have Alzheimer’s or dementia can be incredibly rewarding as long as caregivers understand the challenges at hand. Contact Groves Assisted Living for the best in assisted living services in Tucson Arizona.

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