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  • Tips For Traveling With Elderly Loved Ones

    Caring for an elderly loved one can be rewarding as well as challenging at times. That is why it is worth considering a few useful tips for traveling with elderly loved ones. Whether it is an afternoon outing or a weekend vacation, there are some effective ways of getting the most out of travel with seniors who require the guidance and assistance of a caregiver.

    Getting The Doctor’s Approval Or Clearance

    For example, one of the most useful tips with regard to traveling with the elderly is to always include the doctor in the decision-making process. Getting the doctor’s approval or clearance prior to traveling with the elderly is always a good idea. This is especially true with regard to long-term travels such as flying out of state for a week or two. Letting the doctor know your destination and how long you will be gone is always advised. It is equally important to be well prepared when it comes to medications and supplements.

    Getting Prescriptions Filled Before Leaving

    This simply means bringing an adequate supply of medication and supplements on vacation or on the trip. In lieu of bringing an ample supply of medication and supplements it is important to know where to look when away from home for the required medication. Getting prescriptions filled before leaving on a long trip is obviously the best strategy. When it comes to accommodations, planning in advance is the preferred way to handle traveling with the elderly. When staying in a hotel it is important to ensure that accessible vehicles, wheelchairs and walkers will all be available as needed.

    The Elderly Can Dehydrate Quickly

    Finally, always have the necessary essentials on hand while traveling with elderly loved ones. Packing the right type of clothing and having basic prescription medicine readily available in the car or on an airplane will ensure that the trip will go smoothly. Sunscreen, water and snacks should readily be available as well. The elderly can dehydrate quickly and can experience heat exhaustion far sooner than middle-aged individuals. As an added note, caregivers should pay special attention to ensuring that the elderly do not become over exerted while on vacation. Walking, traveling and general levels of excitement should all be controlled and monitored. Contact Groves Assisted Living today for elder care Tucson residents expect and assisted living Tucson can trust.

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