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  • Ways Of Making A Visit With The Elderly More Successful

    Visiting with an elderly loved one or friend can enhance the quality of life for both those being visited and those doing the visiting. That said there are some easy ways of making a visit far more successful than would otherwise be possible. For example, working on communication style is one of the most essential aspects of getting the most out of any visit with the elderly.

    By Simply Raising The Voice Slightly In An Inflection

    Good communication is at the core of having a good visit with an elderly loved one. Here are some simple and straightforward ways of working on communication style as a way to enjoy an excellent visitation experience. For example, by simply raising the voice slightly in an inflection, elderly individuals will typically have a better chance of understanding communication. It is a proven fact that a large percentage of the elderly have difficulty hearing the spoken word.

    Conversation Easier And More Manageable

    Keeping this simple fact in mind it is also a good idea to turn off any background noise such as a television or radio when talking or speaking with the elderly. Finding a quiet spot during a visit to improve communication is well worth the time and effort. Equally important is to maintain eye contact at all times when talking with the elderly. By maintaining an equal level in terms of face height, the elderly are better able to see a speaker’s lips making conversation easier and more manageable. Not only does this make communication easier – it is simply more personal and more polite.

    Enjoy The Very Best That These Types Of Visits Have To Offer

    Equally important is to consider the aspects of nonverbal communication. Fidgeting with objects or checking the time can send a nonverbal message to the elderly that may be perceived as negative. It is far better to focus completely on the elderly individual who is being visited as a way to provide the best possible visit experience. Consider these simple ways of making a visit with the elderly more successful and enjoy the very best that these types of visits have to offer. Contact Groves Assisted Living today to learn more about a Tucson assisted-living facility with years of experience in focused and friendly care.

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