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  • Moderate Drinking Associated with Superior Cognitive Function

    A study conducted in northern Norway, measuring the cognitive function of 5033 men and women, showed that moderate wine consumption is independently associated with superior performance on cognitive tests. The study took place over seven years, and the average age of participants was 58. Biologically speaking, the results of the study may be due to the effect of polyphenols, and antioxidant in wine, and other micro elements found in wine that help stymie the decline of cognitive function with age.

    At Groves Assisted Living we understand this is not a ticket for your loved one to pound glasses of scotch, incessantly. But a balanced diet, which includes a glass of wine every now and then, is beneficial to physical and mental health. The authors of the study also reported that not drinking was associated with a drastic reduction in cognitive function for women.

    These results support previous literature on the topic. Over the past thirty years, 68 studies have been conducted to determine the association between cognitive function and alcohol use. In these studies, an association between light to moderate drinking and increased cognitive function was almost always reported. More importantly, these studies showed an association between light to moderate drinking and a reduced risk of dementia, including both vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Part of the value we provide at Groves Assisted Living is a carefully engineered diet. No doubt we take this study into account, and ensure we ration the proper amount of wine to your loved one. Later on in life it is common to lose the temperament of moderation. That is why it is important to find the proper care and regulation your loved one needs. At Grove’s Assisted Living we provide that support and care, and a community and sense of comradery that the elderly love and need.

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