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  • Beware of Liquid Candy Parading as a Nutritional Supplement

    The American Geriatrics Society, in its most meeting, issued a statement cautioning doctors, patients, and assisted living providers, about nutrition drinks like Boos and Ensure. These drinks primary ingredient is sugar, along with some oils, flavoring and protein. Essentially, they are liquid candy.

    For instance, a standard serving of “rich chocolate” contains twenty eight grams of sugar, ten grams of protein, and no fiber. This is likely to cause gastro intestinal problems. The elderly would be better off consuming a bowl of Fruit Loops.

    These shakes prey on the elderly with an aggressive marketing campaign that claims to increase vigor as one ages. The TV commercials slogan is as follows: “Stay strong, stay active, with Boost”—how clever.

    When the elderly are looking to lose some weight, it is best that they consult a physician. If an older person is having difficulty consuming healthy food, liquid supplements are not the solution. Geriatricians urge caregivers to spend more time preparing meals for the older individual who may struggle to do so for themselves. Also, cutting food into small pieces is a much better alternative to guzzling a mysterious shake designed to exploit the aging process.

    Sadly, many nursing homes administer these shakes to their patients. These nursing homes are understaffed and overpopulated. At Grove’s Assisted Living we make sure every single patient receives the nutrition they need.  We do not sacrifice quality for profit. Perhaps that’s why we’ve been in business for almost twenty years. Our registered nurses take the utmost diligence to assure that your loved one receives the proper care they need to commit to a healthy lifestyle and diet. A Boost shake in our community is on par with contraband. We do not allow our patients to be exploited by greedy companies.

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