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  • The Process of Aging: What to Expect as you Grow Older

    The passage of time is inescapable. In fact, it has been said “Father Time is undefeated.” We can fight age, live in denial of it, or embrace it, but we cannot change it. You might wonder to yourself, what exactly happens to me as I age? How do I change, both physical and mentally? In today’s blog, we will discuss what you should expect as you grow old.

    External Signs of Age

    The external signs of aging are probably the most obvious. Anyone can look at a 70-year-old and a 20-year-old and recognize the changes. As we age, our skin become less elastic and starts to surrender to the forces of gravity. Wrinkles are the primary result of this. Additionally oil glands in the skin start produces less and less, eventually causing our skin to dry out. As we age hair typically thins and loses its color. By the time we 80, most individuals will have shrunk approximately 2 inches.

    Internal effects of Age

    Of course, we are aging on the inside just as quickly as we are aging on the outside. As we get older, our cardiovascular system starts changing. Our heart begins to slow. Some people develop high blood pressure. Additionally, bones start to shrink and become less dense as we get older. Muscles will lose strength and flexibility. The best way to slow this process it to maintain a good diet and continue to exercise. The digestive system and brain will also be impacted. Around 40, most people will also notice small issues with their eye site.

    It isn’t all bad news though! Did you know that some scientists believe that aging is actually one of the primary ways our body combats cancer?! During adolescence, it is also how we grow. Aging is a natural part of life. Coming to understand that is important.

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