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  • Making Your Home Senior Friendly

    Aging is a natural part of life. It is inevitable that our physical faculties will decline over time. While this will impact our way of life, it doesn’t have to do some in negative ways. Part of aging gracefully is coming to terms with the unique and dynamic changes that confront us in out later years. If you or a loved one are entering this phase of your life but are not ready to move into an assisted care facility, you should take steps to make your home senior friendly.

    No-Step Entries/Thresholds

    The entry way is one of the highest traffic areas in the home. We walk into our homes carrying groceries or boxes. Guests pass through the threshold on a regular basis. A raised threshold is a major tripping hazard. They are also difficult to navigate for individuals in a wheelchair. Eliminating raised thresholds should be one of the first things you consider when making a home senior friendly.

    Bathroom Dangers

    Again, the risks of tripping and falling are two of the primary things that must be addressed when making a home senior friendly. A bathroom is a place where the risk of a slip or a fall will be very high. Slick surfaces combined with water to make for a hazardous environment. Use non-slip mats liberally. Install shower grab bars to for additional stability. Consider putting in a grab bar near the toilet for assistance in getting up and down.

    Everything in Reach

    Seniors are most at risk for slipping or falling when they have to move out of their comfort zone physically. This means that bending over to access a low cabinet or stretching up high to pluck something off a shelf could put them at risk. Make sure everything they need will be accessible without making these maneuvers.

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