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  • Planning For Assisted Living For Couples

    Today more than ever before elderly couples are looking for new and unique ways of taking full advantage of all that assisted living has to offer. Perhaps one of the first steps in getting the most out of assisted living today is to simply research facilities well in advance. Taking the time to visit facilities and meet with facility operators is a smart and rewarding way of making the best possible choice. Equally important is to ensure that a solid financial plan has been established.

    Medical Benefits

    Finances associated with a new chapter in life that involves elderly couples who are assisted preparing for living must be considered. From planning for power-of-attorney issues to establishing a monthly budget, all aspects of finances must be taken into account well in advance. It is also important to plan accordingly with regard to VA benefits, Medicaid and other medical benefits. Nothing should be left out of the equation as a way to ensure that all financial details are accounted for in advance.

    Available Square-Footage

    It is also important to prepare accordingly for living in a smaller space. While assisted-living is bigger in many ways because of the facility as a whole, the actual living space can sometimes be smaller than what families have been accustomed to in the past. Choosing a two-person living arrangement involves considering the available square-footage, furniture allocation and other key factors. Privacy concerns should be discussed as well because in assisted living medication delivery and even laundry care involves interacting with staff members. Individual and shared needs in a two person living arrangement must be carefully planned.

    Making This Chapter Of Life More Enjoyable

    Finally, it is important to make arrangements and plans for any expected future health related changes. From moving out of assisted living and into memory care to making other types of changes, everything must be taken into account to ensure that the elderly are minimally disrupted. In short, planning carefully when it comes to assisted living for couples can go a long way in making this chapter of life more enjoyable, more rewarding and more relaxing. Know in advance what to expect by talking with other family members, neighbors and co-workers prior to making this type of life change. Contact Groves Assisted Livingtoday for the best in Tucson assisted-living that is always trusted and respected.






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