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The Groves Difference

Compassionate elder care requires enough caregivers per resident. One of the main differences of The Groves is the ratio of caregivers to residents. While the standard staffing for assisted living homes is one caregiver for 10 residents, the Groves offers your loved one a base of 2 Certified Licensed Caregivers for 7-10 residents from 7 AM to 7 PM and an awake, certified, licensed, caregiver at night for each home.  We evaluate how much care each resident needs and use this evaluation to determine if additional caregivers are needed.

Our managers are Certified Licensed Caregivers who have gone on to school to study Assisted Living Management and are always willing to assist wherever needed. We also have several Certified Nursing Assistants working at the Groves. Our current Assisted Living Manager has over 17 years of service at the Groves.

The Groves is owned and run by a Registered Nurse who is on the grounds daily and active in resident care. A second experienced Registered Nurse is on staff to assist with medical records, medication records and resident assessments. We also have a Licensed Practical Nurse in our family who visits regularly and helps out. This all adds up to an abundance of high-level care not seen at other assisted living homes.  We don’t give good care…we give GREAT care and it’s getting better every day!

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