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    It is not always best for our parents to continue living in their home.  There are many factors to weigh when deciding it is time to consider assisted living.  Many factors can lead to isolation and depression in a senior’s life.  Some of the challenges they face are:  loss of driving privileges, difficulties with mobility, failing health causing exhaustion and inability to care for one’s self, too much trouble to go out, low vision, and pain.  Any of these will inhibit the ability of the individual to participate in social activities outside the home.  As a person becomes more isolated, depression and loneliness will take over, and eventually their health will fail.

    Social interaction is a basic human need.  An assisted living home is a wise choice to ward off loneliness and feelings of isolation.  An assisted living home is small enough to keep the home feeling, while providing lots of social interaction and a controlled level of stimulation.  At Groves Assisted Living we go to great strides to ensure our residents never feel isolated and alone.  We have daily activities, share all our meals, and sometimes just sit around and talk or visit.

    Our homes were specially decorated to provide bright, cheerful, living areas by adding solar tubes for natural light, French doors opening onto our patios, walking paths, and lots of vegetation.

    Our Certified Licensed Caregivers, Registered Nurses, Managers, and staff are encouraged to maintain an upbeat attitude in the homes at all times.  We strive to keep our residents happy and active.  We hope you will let us make a difference in your senior’s life.

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