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Alzheimer's, Memory and Dementia Care

At Groves Assisted Living, we understand that each person living with memory loss experiences its symptoms and progression differently. We understand the varying stages of memory loss, and design programs and activities to address every stage – enabling us to meet each resident’s needs at the right time.

Our highly trained caregivers

Memory care at Groves Assisted Living is provided by a patient and compassionate care staff who undergo specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care training on an ongoing basis. Understanding how Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain helps each caregiver better understand the behaviors, communication barriers, and overall needs of each resident. The unique and effective training series we provide helps support our staff in their important work.

Our innovative approach to memory care

Our approach to memory care is called Join Their Journey. This innovative program is designed with a clear understanding of memory loss in order to provide superior resident-focused care. Through this approach, we recognize individuality, encourage choices, and allow our residents the ability to live in a way that feels familiar to them.

Individualized resident-focused care

In our communities, our caregivers focus on knowing a resident’s wants, needs, and preferences based on their life story. Understanding the residents’ past experiences and preferences allows us to provide for their needs at every stage of their memory loss. We honor and validate our resident’s feelings and strive to support them to be purposeful and successful each day, despite the disease process.

Comforting validation techniques

We accept and join the resident’s reality or the world in order to create a safe, warm, and comfortable environment for the resident. This type of interaction focuses on understanding and accepting the resident’s interpretation of their surroundings and sense of self. For instance, if a resident is ready to go to work as a teacher, then we create an environment in which they would reminisce about being a teacher or how to prepare for their upcoming class.

Meaningful life enrichment programs

We design each day within our memory care neighborhoods to be full of purposeful and meaningful activities that are familiar and comforting for the residents. The personal information we learn through the resident’s life story is translated into activities such as choral practice, cooking classes, gardening, or walking clubs. These activities are just a few examples of how our program focuses on engaging residents in order to promote their purposefulness each day.

Families as care partners

The most important members of our care team are the resident’s families. We join the journey of families through support, education, and ongoing communication. Often, families hold the keys that unlock the mysteries of our resident’s past, helping us to better care for our residents today. To achieve this, we hold family orientations, supply a resource library, and offer family support and education groups.

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