Dementia Care Services at Groves Assisted Living Place

Dementia Care Services at Groves Assisted Living Place

With locations throughout Tucson & Marana, AZ

Dementia is not really a disease, but a group of symptoms demonstrating a decline in mental capabilities. Alzheimer's disease is one cause of dementia, but there are also many other diseases and conditions which cause dementia. It is always important to contact your doctor if you or a loved one are experiencing memory problems, as many of these are reversible with early recognition and treatment.

Dementias can present themselves as memory problems, behavior problems, poor judgment, fear, social withdrawal, anger, cursing, and general difficulty handling life's everyday stressors. Behaviors often escalate under stress, placing an undue burden on the caregiver and family.

Many dementias are not treatable and can no longer be managed at home. At the Groves, staff is trained to deal with problems and provide a safe, nurturing, environment. We'll take care of your loved one's needs and encourage them to maximize their potential.

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